Best Gym Gear for Under $400

Best Gym Gear for Under $400

1. Shoes 

Starting off this list of best gym gear for under $400 is the New Balance Minimus TR V2 gym shoe. This New Balance gym shoe is designed to aid your performance by providing a barefoot lightweight feel with extra support when you need it. New Balance is known for their great fit but to be honest I was surprised to hear about the extra design benefits implemented such as extra rubber on the side of your foot to help grip a rope during climbs! 

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2. Lifting Belt

A proper lifting belt can add significant increases in the amount of weight you are able to handle. In my personal experiences more than 100lbs have been added to my squat with a belt. The lifting belt of my recommendation is the Rogue 13mm 4in Powerlifting Belt. Having 13mm thick construction gives rigidity through any movement. I recommend this Rogue belt because it is amazing for the price giving you the same support as some of the most expensive belts, while coming in at an affordable price. I personally have a rogue lever belt but need a screwdriver to reach different adjustments so I suggest getting this one below.

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3. Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves provide warmth and compression for your knees to keep them healthy during a heavy lift. The support a knee sleeve adds can vary based off of the thickness just like a lifting belt. There are sleeves with a thickness of 3, 5, and 7mm. You want the most support possible so below will be the link to a set of Rogue 7mm Knee Sleeves. I have had my pair of sleeves for multiple years now and not a single thread is hanging off.

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4. Workout Plan

You need a focused workout plan to make progress and we have not hit the $400 mark yet so you still have space to add a single workout plan or try out multiple. I recommend someone buying the listed products to try my Strength and Powerbuilding Routine - available for $19.99. 

5. Extra Options

You currently have $55.61 to spend elsewhere on pre workout, creatine, your favorite apparel, or even save a little considering you expected to spend $400.

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